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1 Kristjánsson, L. Paleomagnetic observations at three locations in the Pleistocene lava sequences of southwest and south Iceland 2010 Jökull 60 149-164 link link
2 Doell, R.R. Palaeomagnetic Studies of Icelandic Lava Flows 1972 Geophys. J. Royal Astron. Soc. 26 459-479 link link
3 Døssing, A., Muxworthy, A.R., Supakulopas, R., Riishuus, M.S., Niocaill, C.M. High northern geomagnetic field behavior and new constraints on the Gilsa event: Paleomagnetic and 40Ar/39Ar results of 0.5-3.1 Ma basalts from Jokuldalur, Iceland 2016 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 456 98-111 link link
4 Kristjánsson, L., Fridleifsson, I.B., Watkins, N.D. Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of the Esja, Eyrarfjall and Akrafjall mountains, SW-Iceland 1980 J. Geophys. 47 31-42 None link
5 Udagawa, S., Kitagawa, H., Gudmundsson, A., Hiroi, O., Koyaguchi, T., Tanaka, H., Kristjánsson, L., Kono, M. Age and magnetism of lavas in Jökuldalur area, Eastern Iceland: Gilsá event revisited 1999 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 115 147-171 link link
6 Tanaka, H., Kono, M., Kaneko, S. Paleosecular variation of direction and intensity from two Pliocene-Pleistocene lava sections in Southwestern Iceland 1995 J. Geomag. Geoel. 47 89-102 link link
7 Roberts, N., Shaw, J. The relationship between the magnitude and direction of the geomagnetic field during the late Tertiary in Eastern Iceland 1984 Geophys. J. Royal Astr. Soc. 76 637-651 link link
8 McDougall, I., Kristjánsson, L., Saemundsson, K. Magnetostratigraphy and geochronology of Northwest Iceland 1984 J. Geophys. Res. 89 7029-7060 link link
9 Brown, M.C., Shaw, J., Goguitchaichvili, A.T. Microwave paleointensity from the R3-N3 geomagnetic field reversal 2006 Geophys. J. Int. 167 53-69 link link
10 Linder, J., Leonhardt, R. Paleomagnetic full vector record of four consecutive Mid Miocene geomagnetic reversals 2009 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 177 88-101 link link
11 Kristjánsson, L., Duncan, R.A., Gudmundsson, A. Stratigraphy, palaeomagnetism and age of volcanics in the upper regions of the Thjorsardalur valley, central southern Iceland 1998 Boreas 27 1-13 link link
12 Helgason, J., Duncan, R.A. Glacial-interglacial history of the Skaftafell region, southeast Iceland 2001 Geology 29 179-182 link link
13 Kristjánsson, L., Johannesson, H., Fridleifsson, I.B. Paleomagnetic stratigraphy of the Mosfellssveit area, SW-Iceland: a pilot study 1991 Jökull 41 47-60 link link
14 Kristjánsson, L., Gudmundsson, A. Paleomagnetic studies in Skardsheidi, South-Western Iceland 2001 Jökull 50 33-48 link link
15 Kristjánsson, L., Gudmundsson, A., Haraldsson, H. Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of a 3-km thick Miocene lava pile in the Mjoifjördur area, eastern Iceland 1995 Geol. Rundschau 84 813-830 link link
16 Goguitchaichvili, A.T., Prévot, M., Camps, P. No evidence for strong fields during the R3-N3 Icelandic geomagnetic reversal 1999a Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 167 15-34 link link
17 Kristjánsson, L., Johannesson, H. Secular variation and reversals in a composite 2.5 km thick lava section in central Western Iceland 1999 Earth, Planets, Space 51 261-276 link link
18 Saemundsson, K., Kristjánsson, L., McDougall, I., Watkins, N.D. K-Ar dating, geological and paleomagnetic study of a 5-km lava succesion in northern Iceland 1980 J. Geophys. Res. 85 3628-3646 link link
19 Kristjánsson, L., Johannesson, H., McDougall, I. Stratigraphy, age and paleomagnetism of Langidalur, northern Iceland 1992 Jökull 42 31-44 link link
20 Kristjánsson, L. A new study of paleomagnetic directions in the Miocene lava pile between Arnarfjördur and Breidafjördur in the Vestfirdir peninsula, Northwest Iceland 2009 Jökull 59 33-50 link link
21 Kristjánsson, L., Pätzold, R., Preston, J. Paleomagnetism and geology of the Patreksfjördur-Arnarfjördur region of Northwest Iceland 1975 Tectonophys. 25 201-216 link link
22 Kristjánsson, L., Johannesson, H. Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of the lava pile south of Isafjardardjup, NW-Iceland 1996 Jökull 44 3-16 link link
23 Kristjánsson, L., Hardarson, B.S., Hudunsson, H. A detailed palaeomagnetic study of the oldest (ca. 15 Myr) lava sequences in Northwest Iceland 2003 Geophys. J. Int. 155 991-1005 link link
24 Kristjánsson, L., Gudmundsson, A., Hjartarson, A., Hallsteinsson, H. A paleomagnetic study of stratigraphic relations in the lava pile of Nordurardalur and Austurdalur, Skagafjördur, North Iceland 2006 Jökull 56 37-55 link link
25 Kristjánsson, L., Gudmundsson, A. Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of lava sequences in Sudurdalur, Fljotsdalur, East Iceland 2005 Jökull 55 17-32 link link
26 Kristjánsson, L., Johannesson, H., Eiriksson, J., Gudmundsson, A.I. Brunhes-Matuyama paleomagnetism in three lava sections in Iceland 1988 Can. J. Earth Sci. 25 215-225 link link
27 Eiriksson, J., Gudmundsson, A.I., Kristjánsson, L., Gunnarsson, K. Palaeomagnetism of Pliocene-Pleistocene sediments and lava flows on Tjörnes and Flatey, North Iceland 1990 Boreas 19 39-55 link link
28 Kristjánsson, L. Paleomagnetic studies on the lava pile between Skalavik and Alftafjorour, Northwest Iceland 2014 Jökull 64 1-14 link link
29 McDougall, I., Watkins, N.D., Kristjánsson, L. Geochronology and paleomagnetism of a Miocene-Pliocene lava sequence at Bessastadaa, Eastern Iceland 1976 Am. J. Sci. 276 1078-1095 link link
30 Kristjánsson, L., Gudmundsson, A., Hardarson, B.S. Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of a 2.9 km composite lava section in Eyjafjördur, Northern Iceland: a reconnaissance study 2004 Internat. J. Earth. Sci. 93 582-595 link link
31 Kristjánsson, L. Paleomagnetic observations on Late Quaternary basalts around Reykjavik and on the Reykjanes peninsula, SW-Iceland 2003 Jökull 52 21-32 link link
32 Kristjánsson, L., Sigurgeirsson, M. The R3-N3 and R5-N5 palaeomagnetic transition zones in Iceland revisited 1993 J. Geomag. Geoel. 45 275-288 link link
33 Watkins, N.D., Walker, G.P.L. Magnetostratigraphy of Eastern Iceland 1977 Am. J. Sci. 277 513-584 link link
34 Helgason, J. Magnetostratigraphy of the exposed lava section east of the IRDP drill hole in Reydarfjördur, Iceland 1982 J. Geophys. Res. 87 6396-6404 link link
35 Piper, J.D.A., Fowler, M.G., Gibson, I.L. Dyke magnetisation, magnetostratigraphy and upper crustal structure in the Reydarfjördur area of eastern Iceland 1977 Tectonophys. 40 227-244 link link
36 Watkins, N.D., McDougall, I., Kristjánsson, L. Upper Miocene and Pliocene secular variation in the Borgarfjördur area of Western Iceland 1977 Geophys. J. Royal Astr. Soc. 49 609-632 link link
37 Shaw, J., Dagley, P., Mussett, A.E. The magnitude of the paleomagnetic field in Iceland between 2 and 6 Myr ago 1982 Geophys. J. Royal Astr. Soc. 68 211-218 link link
38 Watkins N. D., Kristjánsson, L., McDougall, I. A detailed survey of the type location for the Gilsa geomagnetic polarity event 1975 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 27 436-444 link link
39 Marshall, M., Chauvin, A., Bonhommet, N. Preliminary paleointensity measurements and detailed magnetic analyses of basalts from the Skalamaelifell excursion, Southwest Iceland 1988 J. Geophys. Res. 93 11681-11698 link link
40 Kristjánsson, L. New palaeomagnetic results from Icelandic Neogene lavas 1995 Geophys. J. Int. 121 435-443 link link
41 Goguitchaichvili, A.T., Prévot, M., Thompson, J., Roberts, N. An attempt to determine the absolute geomagnetic field intensity during the Gauss-Matuyama reversal 1999b Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 115 53-66 link link
42 Dagley, P., Lawley, E.A. Paleomagnetic evidence for transitional behaviour of the geomagnetic field 1974 Geophys. J. Royal Astron. Soc. 36 577-598 link link
43 Lawley, E.A. The intensity of the geomagnetic field in Iceland during Neogene polarity transitions and systematic deviations 1970 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 10 145-149 link link
44 Schweitzer, C., Soffel, H. Paleointensity measurements on postglacial lavas from Iceland 1980 J. Geophys. 47 57-60 None link
45 Shaw, J. Strong geomagnetic fields during a single Icelandic polarity transition 1975 Geophys. J. Royal Astr. Soc. 40 345-350 link link
46 Smith, P.J. On the suitability of igneous rocks for ancient geomagnetic field determination 1967a Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 2 99-105 (cf. p. 329-330) link link
47 Camps, P., Singer, B.S., Carvallo, C., Goguitchaichvili, A.T., Fanjat, G., Allen, B. The Kamikatsura event and the Matuyama-Brunhes reversal recorded in lavas from Tjörnes Peninsula, northern Iceland 2011 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 310 33-44 link link
48 Stanton, T., Riisager, P., Knudsen, M.F., Thordarson, T. New palaeointensity data from Holocene Icelandic lavas 2011 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 186 1-10 link link
49 Tanaka, H., Hashimoto, Y., Morita, N. Palaeointensity determinations from historical and Holocene basalt lavas in Iceland 2012 Geophys. J. Int. 189 833-845 link link
50 Cromwell, G., Tauxe, L., Halldorsson, S.A. New paleointensity results from rapidly cooled Icelandic lavas: Implications for Arctic geomagnetic field strength 2015 J. Geophys. Res. 120 2913-2934 link link
51 Eriksson, P.I., Riishuus M.S., Elming, S.-A. Magma flow and palaeo-stress deduced from magnetic fabric analysis of the Alftafjordur dyke swarm: implications for shallow crustal magma transport in Icelandic volcanic systems 2015 Geol. Soc. London Spec. Publ. 396 107-132 link link
52 Helgason, J., Duncan, R.A. Stratigraphy, 40Ar-39Ar dating and erosional history of Svinafell, SE-Iceland 2013 Jökull 63 33-54 link link
53 Kristjánsson, L. New evidence on an episode of geomagnetic instability, recorded in middle Miocene lava flows in Northwest Iceland 2015 Stud. Geophys. Geod. 59 309-324 link link
54 Tanaka, H., Yamamoto, Y. Palaeointensities from Pliocene lava sequences in Iceland: emphasis on the problem of Arai plot with two linear segments 2016 Geophys. J. Int. 205 694-714 link link
55 Jicha, B.R., Kristjánsson, L., Brown, M.C., Singer, B.S., Beard, B.L., Johnson, C.M. New age for the Skalamaelifell excursion and identification of a global geomagnetic event in the late Brunhes chron 2011 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 310 509-517 link link
56 Wensink, H. Secular variation of earth magnetism in Plio-Pleistocene basalts of Eastern Iceland 1964 Geol. Mijnb. 43 403-413 None link
57 Li, H., Beske-Diehl, S. Magnetic properties of deuteric hematite in young lava flows from Iceland 1991 Geophys. Res. Lett. 18 597-600 link link
58 Michalk, D.M., Muxworthy, A.R., Böhnel, H.N., Maclennan, J., Nowaczyk, N. Evaluation of the multispecimen parallel differential pTRM method: a test on historical lavas from Iceland and Mexico 2008 Geophysical J. Internat. 173 409-420 link link
59 Senenayake, W.E., McElhinny, M.W., McFadden, P.L. Comparison between the Thellier and Shaw paleointensity methods using basalts less than 5 million years old 1982 J. Geomag. Geoel. 34 141-146 link link
60 Beske-Diehl, S., Li, H. Magnetic properties of hematite in lava flows from Iceland: Response to hydrothermal alteration 1993 J. Geophys. Res. 98 403-417 link link
61 Ferk, A., Leonhardt, R. The Laschamp geomagnetic excursion recorded in Icelandic lavas 2009 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 177 19-30 link link
62 Goguitchaichvili, A.T., Prévot, M., Dautria, J.-M., Bacia, M. Thermodetrital and crystallodetrital magnetization in an Icelandic hyaloclastite 1999c J. Geophys. Res. 104 29219-29238 link link
63 Kristjánsson, L. A reconnaissance study of paleomagnetic directions in the Tjörnes Beds, Northern Iceland 2004 Jökull 54 57-63 link link
64 Vérard, C., Leonhardt, R., Winklhofer, M., Fabian, K. Variations of magnetic properties in thin lava flow profiles: Implications for the recording of the Laschamp Excursion 2012 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 200-201 10-27 link link
65 Helgason, J., van Wagoner, N.A., Ryall, P.J.C. A study of the palaeomagnetism of subglacial basalts, SW-Iceland: a comparison with oceanic crust 1990 Geophys. J. Int. 103 13-24 link link
66 Kristjánsson, L. Magnetic and thermal effects of dike intrusions in Iceland 1985 J. Geophys. Res. 90 10129-10135 link link
67 Oliva-Urcia, B., Kontny, A. Remanent magnetization of maghemitized basalts from Krafla drill cores, NE-Iceland 2012 Stud. Geophys. Geod. 56 641-657 link link
68 Smith, P.J. The intensity of the Tertiary geomagnetic field 1967b Geophys. J. Royal Astr. Soc. 12 239-258 link link
69 Muxworthy, A.R. Revisiting a domain-state independent method of palaeointensity determination 2010 Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 179 21-31 link link
70 Muxworthy, A.R., Taylor, S.N. Evaluation of the domain-state corrected multiple-specimen absolute palaeointensity protocol: a test of historical lavas from Iceland 2011 Geophys. J. Int. 187 118-127 link link
71 Hospers, J. Palaeomagnetic Studies of Icelandic Rocks 1953 PhD thesis - University of Cambridge 1953 1-172 None link
72 Brynjolfsson, A. Ergebnisse bei partieller Entmagnetisierung des naturlichen Magnetismus islandischer Basalt 1956 Naturwissenschaften 43 143-133 link link
73 Bragason, H.O. Paleomagnetic measurements in Jokuldalur 1981 BSc. Honours thesis - University of Iceland (in Icelandic) 1981 1-47 None link
74 Kristjánsson, L., Audunsson, H. On uncertainties in the interpretation of remanence directions in lava flows 2007 Raust 4 17-25 None link
75 Levi S., Audunsson, H., Duncan, R.A., Kristjánsson, L., Gillot, P.-Y., Jakobsson, S.P. Late Pleistocene geomagnetic excursion in Icelandic lavas: confirmation of the Laschamp excursion 1990 Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 96 443-457 link link
76 Kristjánsson, L. Extension of the Middle Miocene Kleifakot geomagnetic instability event in Extension of the Middle Miocene Kleifakot geomagnetic instability event in Isafjordur Northwest Iceland 2016 Jökull 66 83-94 link link
77 Pinton, A., Giordano, G., Speranza, F., Þórðarson, Þ. Paleomagnetism of Holocene lava flows from the Reykjanes Peninsula and the Tungnaa lava sequence (Iceland): implications for flow correlation and ages 2018 Bulletin of Volcanology 80 1-19 link link
78 Horst, A.J., Karson, J.A., Varga, R.J. Large Rotations of Crustal Blocks in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone of Northern Iceland 2018 Tectonics 37 1607-1625 link link
79 Titus, S., Chapman, W., Horst, A.J., Brown, M.C., Davis, J.R. Distributed deformation in an oceanic transform system: Applying statistical tools to structural and paleomagnetic data near the Húsavík-Flatey fault, northern Iceland 2018 Tectonics 37 1-32 link link