Welcome to the ICEPMAG v1.0 database

The Iceland Palaeomagnetism Database (ICEPMAG) compiles palaeomagnetic data published in journal articles, academic theses and other databases from sampling sites in Iceland. The ICEPMAG database can be queried with a range of customisable constraints, including rock and sample/specimen types, age constraints, dating methods, palaeointensity methods, geographic constraints (by region, location and between specified coordinates), authors and years of publication, as well as statistical constraints such as directional polarity, α95 and precision parameter k. Query results are presented in a results table, with options to produce interactive maps of site locations, VGP plots and downloadable spreadsheets.
NEWS: 31.07.2019
ICEPMAG is the subject of a paper published in Earth, Planets and Space (EPS): The database currently contains data from 9491 sampling sites in Iceland. All the entries in ICEPMAG contain palaeointensity or palaeodirectional data: 8936 contain direction only, 218 intensity only, and 337 both direction and intensity.

If you find any errors in the database, please notify Maxwell Brown (
ICEPMAG was constructed utilising the principles and structure of GEOMAGIA50:
and maintains the vocabulary of MagIC: